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Research Project
Sr.No. Project Name Faculty Name View
01. "Determination of Stability Constant of Metal Ligand Complexes Poetentiometrically " Dr. Sayyed H.S. Download
01. Biotransformation of Heterocyclic Compounds by Pseudomonas species Nisar Ahmad Ateeque Ahmad Download
02. Thomas Pynchon and Postmodernity Dr. Shaikh Suhel Samad Download
03 . Ecobiodiversity Study of Blue - Green Algea of Salim Ali Lake Dr. Ahuja Sangeeta Roshanlal Download
04 . Pharacognostic Studies On Some Medicinal Plants of Aurangabad Dist. Of Maharashtra Dr. Sutar Sangeeta Sahebrao Download
06. Growth and Charaterazation of Amino Acids doped & undoped Metal Complexes of Thiourea Crystals Using Solutions Growth Techniques Prof. Shaikh Mohd. Azhar Download
07. Synthesis Characterization and Biological Activity of Novel 1,3-Thiazolidin-4-One Derivatives Dr. Shaikh Kabeer Ahmed Download

Recognized Research Guide
Sr.No. Research Guide Name View
01. Dr.Shaikh Kabeer Ahmed Chemistry
02. Prof.Syed Hussain Chemistry
03. Dr. Nishat Parveen Chemistry
04 . Prof.S.N.Takle Chemistry
05 . Shaikh Baseer Chemistry
06. Prof.Shaikh Baseer Chemistry
07. Sayed Rizwan Microbiology
08. Prof.Milind Jadhav Botany
09. Prof.Sangeeta Sutar Botany
10. Prof.Farhat Durrani English
11. Prof.Quazi Baseer Ahmed Commerce
12. Dr.Vasiullah Pathan Commerce
13. Dr.Memon Ubed Zoology
14. Prof.Nayab Ansari Zoology
15. Prof.Imammuddin Ustad Zoology
16. Dr.Shaikh Asif Karim Physics
17. Dr.Shaikh Md.Azhar Physics
18. Prof. Sangeeta Ahuja Botany
19. Dr.Binnaser Aziz Abdullah Computer

Sr.No. Publication Name View