Academic Calendar

The main purpose of the Governing Body is to decide the overall strategic direction and educational character of the College and ensure its overall well-being and financial solvency. More specifically, the Governors are responsible for:
Every academic calendar contains dates when students can register, cancel, withdrawal, and drop classes. But, your main reason for an academic calendar will be to schedule your time and use time management.An academic calendar is to keep students, faculty, and staff reminded of key dates throughout the academic semester and year. It can also be useful for prospective students, alumni, and parents as well.

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01. Academic Calendar 2020-21 Click Here
01. Academic Calendar 2019-20 Click Here
02. Academic Calendar 2018-19 Click Here
03 . Academic Calendar 2017-18 Click Here
04 . Academic Calendar 2016-17 Click Here
05 . Academic Calendar 2015-16 Click Here
06. Academic Calendar 2014-15 Click Here
07. Academic Calendar 2013-14 Click Here
08. Academic Calendar 2012-13 Click Here