Message From Chairman

Dear Students
As a minority institution, the college has a major responsibility of addressing the crucial issues plaguing the community.
Considering its dwindling number in services & probably the highest dropout rate in education, the Muslim community needs education on priority. In this context, education of girls becomes all the more crucial.
In keeping with this line of thinking, we stress on education of Muslim women & these contribute in a small way in bringing about the community orientation. Muslim students, like the students from any other community, needs education for the betterment of their society.
Muslims needs to be taken out of ghettoized mind-set and brought in to the mainstream of the society. This would increase the literacy rate of India in general & Muslims in particular. The college is sensitive to the needs of Muslim students.
Most of the students of the college are poor Muslims as the admission policy of the college is determined by preferential option for poor & minority classes.
In the academic year 2006-17, the total strength of the students for undergraduate courses was 1550 out of which 608are female students. The total strength of the students for postgraduate courses was 210 out of which 70 are female students. The number of female students in the college itself testifies the institutions objective of providing education to Muslim women. The college strives to promote quality education with changing global context for a meaningful & self-supporting life to its main stakeholders.

Dr. Shamama Parveen
RECWS Aurangabad