Department of History


The department of History started its working from the same day of the establishment of the college that is 24th September 1990.
Dr Farhat Tabassum served as the faculty from 1996 till 2006 when she joined as the Principal of Womens College, SNDT University.Dr Rizwana Tabassum then served as the Head of the department till she retired in 2020. Dr Feroj Deshmukh is the present Head of department. He made the subject popular among students and the department experienced huge rush.
He is dedicated to the students and they undertake many innovative works in the department. The students are advised to pursue higher education, undertake research activities and to prepare for competitive examinations. The department is planning new projects in the forthcoming years

Teaching Staff

Sr. Teaching Staff Qualification Designation View
1. Dr. Feroj Kadir Deshmukh M.A. SET Ph.D. Assistant Professor Profile


* B.A. Optional History
* BA Main (History)

Research Activity

Sr. Teaching Staff No of Papers Published No of Books/ Chapters Published No of Projects
1. Dr. Feroj Kadir Deshmukh 15 -- ---