Department of Sociology


The department of Sociology started its working from the same day of the establishment of the college that is 24th September 1990 by Dr. Akber Khan as a contributory faculty. He ran the department with other colleagues like Mr A.K. Anwar,Mrs Afroz Begum and Mr. Tukaram kole for many years . The Department received its first full-fledged faculty on 10th September 2001 "Mr. Siddharth Nisargandh". He started developing the Department with his wisdom, dedication, hard work and innovative ideas. He ran the department with other faculties appointed on clock hour basis for eight years.

He made the subject popular among students and the department experienced huge rush. To tackle this rush and to give more to the students he welcomed his second colleague Mrs Rupasi Das on 1st August 2008. Both the faculties are dedicated to the students and they undertake many innovative works in the department. The students are advised to pursue higher education, undertake research activities and to prepare for competitive examinations.

Objectives of the Department

* The Department started its work with the following objectives in mind.
* To popularise Sociology as a subject among students.
* To introduce society, social structure, its function , identify the problem and work for its solution with the students.
* To give practical knowledge to the students.
* Motivating students to pursue higher education.
* Introducing career opportunities for students.
* Developing Skills among students to make them highly resourceful.
* Equipping the students for obtaining wider job opportunities.
* To introduce eminent academicians and social activists to the students.
* To make Human Citizens through Education.

Teaching Staff

Sr. Teaching Staff Qualification Designation View
1. Dr. Siddharth Nisargandha M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., SET, NET H.O.D. Profile
2. Dr. Rupasi Das M.A., Ph.D., M.T.A., Dip. in French, NET Associate Professor Profile

Research Activity:-

Sr. Teaching Staff No of Papers Published No of Books/Chapter Published No of Projects
1. Dr. Siddharth Nisargandha 21 03 01
2. Dr. Rupasi Das 15 01 00

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