B. SC. (Bachelor Of Science): SEM-V

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About Course
Course Content
Compulsory English
Second Language - Any one from:- Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, English.
Optional Subjects Choose any three of the following optional one from each group
GROUP 'A':- Maths / Botany
GROUP 'B':- Physics / Microbiology
GROUP 'C' :- Chemistry
GROUP'D':- Zoology
GROUP 'F' :- Electronics
GROUP 'G':- Computer Science
(Each optional subject has two Theory Papers-I, II and two practical papers- III, IV)

Eligibility Criteria
1: For admission to first year B.Sc, candidates must have passed H.S.C. or equivalent to H.S.C. or D.Ed, exam with English as a Compulsory subject of 100 marks or Diploma in technical education conducted by Board of Technical Education with not less than 50%.
2: Only those students who have previously studied Arabic at junior level will be allowed to take Arabic as second language at B.Sc. first year course.
3: The admission of the students will be finalized only after the university eligibility.

Document Required

1: Marks memo of three year degree course.
2: Leaving Certificate

Intake Capacility :30


Sr. Subject Subject Download
1. Physics Classical and Quantum Mechanics Click Here
Electrody namics Click Here
Practical Click Here
2. Chemistry Physical Chemistry Click Here
Inorganic Chemistry Click Here
Laboratory Course V (Practical) Click Here
3. Zoology Ecology Click Here
Fishery Sciences  I Click Here
Practicals Based on Paper XV Click Here
Practicals Based on Paper XVI Click Here
4. Botany Cell Biology and Molecular Biology Click Here
Diversity of Angiosperm  I Click Here
Practical based on Paper - XV Click Here
Practical based on Paper  XVI Click Here
5. Mathematics Analysis - I (Compulsory) Click Here
Abstract Algebra - I (Compulsory) Click Here
Ordinary Differential Equations - I Click Here
6. Comp. Sci. Software Engineering Click Here
Data Communication and Networking Click Here
Web Designing Case Study Click Here
Practicals Based on CS016 Click Here