Department of Zoology


The Department of Zoology was established in 1991. The Department aims to impart detail knowledge about the subject Zoology, as Zoology is an essential background for the study of diseases, Medicines, Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, Fisheries, and Insecticides etc.
The applied branches of Zoology can be studied after a detailed study of pure Zoology.

Teaching Staff

Sr. Teaching Staff Qualification Designation View
1. Prof. Rafatunnisa Nehri M.Sc.(Zoo),Ph.D. (H.O.D.) H.O.D. Profile
2. Dr. Nayab Ansari Dr. Nayab Ansari professor Profile
3. Dr. UstadImamuddin M.Sc(Zoo)., Ph.D.  professor Profile

Courses Offered

The courses offered are for under graduate level for B.Sc Zoology.
We have specialisation of Parasitic Protozoa and Helminthes for 3rd Year Students


The Department has all requisite facilities like there are 131 museum specimens, 06 microscope, microtome machine, electronic balance, 58 charts, 06 models, bones of various animals, more than 115 permanent slides, mounting materials, 6 haemocytometer, besides we have all stains and chemicals required for practical purpose. 6 working tables with 26 stools, 3 godrej almirahs, 3 glass showcase.

Sr. Teaching Staff No of Papers Published No of Books/Chapter Published No of Projects
1. Prof. Rafatunnisa Nehri 17 04 --
2. Dr. Nayab Ansari 08 -- --
3. Dr. UstadImamuddin 12 -- --

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