Library as a Learning Resource:
There is a Library Advisory Committee. Following are the responsibilities of Library Advisory Committee:
a) To recommend the books to be purchased according to the needs of the syllabus to the Librarian.
b) To suggest for the subscription of the high quality journals.
c) To ensure that the budget allocated for the purchase of books and journals is utilized properly.
d) To ensure the security of books, journals and other library material.
e) To look after the maintenance of the library.
The Library works for six days a week. It follows Dewey decimal classification system. Cataloguing system is in place. Library services are computerized. The reference section provides open access to students and faculty. There is journal and periodical section.
Discipline and silence are maintained in the library throughout the day.
Weekly issuing services are provided. Each member of the faculty is issued ten books for home lending. Each student is issued one book for a weeks duration for home lending, which is renewable.
Stacking of books is done in glass paned cupboards. This provides dust free and easier maintenance of books.
Regular cleaning of the premises is assigned to class IV employees.
Vacuum cleaner is used for the purpose. Periodic binding of books for restoration is done.
The Library Advisory Committee ensures purchase and use of current titles, important journals and other reading materials.
The Library has a budget to be spent on books, periodicals and journals. Every department suggests the books to be procured. On their recommendation, the librarian places the order to the book suppliers.
The new books received are displayed in the New Arrival shelves for information of students and teachers. Following is the detailed information of books and journals purchased / subscribed:

  • Community Scheme by UGC
  • Digital Library
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Digital Library
  • Digital Record Room
  • Center for Promotion of Research
  • Center for Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
  • * Total Library Area : 1096.35 sq.m
    A. Library Stack, Reference Section & Reading Hall Total Area : 404sq.m
    Non-Print Documents(CD/DVD/Audio/Video Cass) 239
    Library Timings
    Circulation & Reference Section 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
    Reading Hall : 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight
    * Implementation of Library Services
    A. E-resources
    B. Reference Service
    C. Reprographic Service
    D. Day  night Reading Hall Service
    Library Timing:: 9.00 am To 6.00 pm
    Books will be issued to the student against the Identity Card.
    Students can be issued Only Three books on Library Card.
    Identity card is not transferable.
    Book Issue Return Timing 9.00 am To 6.00 pm.
    Books will have to be issued for a minimum Period of 10 Days.
    The issued book must be returned on or before the last date stamped on the Due Dade Slip, pasted on the first page of the book.
    Book for late return of books fine will be charged as follows
    (a) 01 to 10 days Rs.2/-
    (b) 11 days to 15 days Rs.3/-
    (c) 16 days onwards Rs.300/- A Fine of Rs.50/- per day will be charged in case of delay in returning the reference material.
    Every person who enters the library must sign the Entry Register.
    Readers suggestions are appreciated and welcomed. Readers desirous of proposing any title or other additions to the library collection may do so by filling the details of the Books Suggestion FormM Available in the library. Use of Mobile Phone is prohibited in the library.
    Students are not allowed to take personal belongings inside the library or the reading hall in the library.
    Students are not allowed to carry their issued books inside library.
    Before leaving the Reading room chair should be properly arranged.
    Students are directly responsible for any damage done to books or any other property of the Library.

  • Following is the detailed information of books and journals purchased / subscribed:
  • Academic Year

    Number of Books Purchased

    Amount Spent

    Number of Journals purchased

    Amount spent

    2005 - 06


    Rs. 15664


    Rs. 8046

    2006 - 07


    Rs. 21874


    Rs. 9247

    2007 - 08


    Rs. 47449


    Rs. 9991

    2008 - 09


    Rs. 93931


    Rs. 11814

    2009 - 10


    Rs. 32381


    2010 - 11





    2011 - 12





    2012 - 13





    2013 -14





    2014 - 15





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    1. SHAIKH ATIKH USMAN Librarian Profile