In the faculty of Arts, college offers three years full degree course at undergraduate level.

Eligibility Criteria -

1.For admission to first year B.A., candidates must have passed H.S.C. or equivalent to H.S.C. or D.Ed. exam with English as a Compulsory subject of 100 marks or Diploma in technical education conducted by Board of Technical Education with not less than 50%.
2. Only those students who have previously studied Arabic at junior level will be allowed to take Arabic as an optional subject or as second language at BA first year course.
3. The admission of the students will be finalized only after the university eligibility.


B.A.I Year-
Course Content-
*Compulsory English
*Second Language - Any one from the following:
*Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, English.

Optional Subjects

* Choose any three of the following optional:
*Optional Subjects - Choose any three of the following optional:
* Urdu/English/ Arabic/ Hindi
* Economics/Islamic Studies
* Pol.Sci/Sociology
* History / Home Science
(Each optional subject has two papers)
Note: Admission in Islamic Studies is reserved for girls and only for Madarsa students
Only 35 seats are available for the subject.
Admissions in Home science will be given to girls only. 35 seats are available for the subject. Main in the following subjects will not be permitted
1) Economics 2) Islamic Studies

Marking Scheme

Paper B.A I B.A II B.A III
  Sem I Sem II Sem III Sem IV Sem V Sem VI Project
Theory 40 40  40 40 50 50 100
Internal Assessment 10 10 10 10