B.B.A. (Bachelor Of Business Administration)
liberalization and globalization has been Influencing the Indian economy since the last two decades. This has opened new vistas and increased demand for the people who will look at the corporate India as chosen arena for building their career.
Overviewing the drastic need and changing demand of corporate world, Sir Sayyed College has established its separate branch of BBA in 2002 and has provided basic foundation of Business Management to the budding minds. Our institution provides excellent platform to students for developing their overall personality.

Objective: To create experts in an environment that foster dynamism & learning through innovation.

Eligibility Criteria

1: Any candidate who has passed H.S.C. or equivalent to H.S.C. from any stream with English as a compulsory      subject and secured minimum 50% marks in H.S.C.

2: The admission of the students will be finalized only after the university eligibility.

3: Candidate must qualify CET organized by Dr.B.A.M. University, Aurangabad.

Duration: Three academic years, divided into six semesters.

Scheme of Examination
BBA examination will be of 1800 marks :
  • BBA Part I of 600 Marks

  • BBA Part II of 600 Marks

  • BBA Part III of 600 Marks

There will be written exam of 2 hrs duration for every paper at the end of each semester & the sessional will carry 20 marks in each paper.

Course structure

Part I
Semester I
Semester II
Code No. Subjects Code No. Subjects
I Principle & Practice of Accountancy I VII Principle & Practice of Accountancy II
II Management Perspective I VIII Management Perspective II
III Business Organization IX Business Economics
IV Business Statistics X Environmental Awareness
V Human Communication XI Administrative Practices
VI I.T Fundamentals XII I.T Applications in Business I

Part II
Semester III
Semester IV
Code No. Subjects Code No. Subjects
XIII Cost Accountancy I XIX Cost Accountancy II
XIV Management Perspective III XX Management Perspective IV
XV Human Factor in Business XXI Organizational Effectiveness & Change
XVI Business Law XXII Industrial Law
XVII Environmental Awareness II XXIII Operation Research
XVIII Entrepreneurship XXIV I.T Application in Business II

Part III
Semester V
Semester VI
Code No. Subjects Code No. Subjects
XXV Management Accounting XXXI Auditing
XXVI Management Perspective V XXXII Management Perspective VI
XVII Capital Market I XXXIII Capital Market II
XXIII Taxation & Law I XXXIV Taxation & Law II
XXIX Institutional Assistance to Business XXXV Management Support System
XXX E-Business & Internet Concepts XXXVI Project